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barking lizard travel is a website about solo independent travel, culture, and adventure. It features destination guides, travel itineraries, tips and tricks as well as travel photography. Get off the beaten track and explore the road less travelled.


1 Second Everyday Video Project


1 Second Everyday Video Project

At the beginning of 2020, inspired by a friends 2019 video, I decided to shoot one second of video every single day for the year. Despite all the awfulness from The Virus there were moments of joy: friendly squirrels, warm sunny afternoons in the parks, swimming in the lakes, time spent with friends… My first full year in Berlin!

I decided early on to shoot the video from my point of view, in other words I’m not in any of the clips, with the exception of when I’m getting my haircut. Where possible I tried to record the most important/interesting part of my day but, for a variety of reasons, this wasn’t always possible.

This is Summer – A journey through Siberian Youth Culture (Book)

this is summer book cover

This is Summer is a photographic journey through a Siberian summer…

For my Master’s final project I travelled by train through Eastern Siberian and the Russian Far East documenting Siberian Youth Culture. Through a series of landscapes, portraits, and moments I captured the essence of contemporary Siberian life

By concentrating on youth culture and the glorious summer weather, this project aims to dispel the myths and stereotypes that surround this misunderstood part of Russia often referred to as the ‘wild wild East’.

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